30 Sep 2018 20 00



30 Sep 2018 20 00

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Cosmic Kaspar

Brunnenstraße 198, 10119 Berlin, Deutschland

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Liebe Freunde aus der Blood Sugar Lounge, 

hiermit möchte ich Euch auf die #docnight° aufmerksam machen – ein Event, das die #dedoc° Diabetes Online Community dieses Jahr erstmalig anlässlich des EASD ausrichtet. Da dies ein internationales Event ist folgen alle weiteren Informationen auf Englisch: 


Dear friends,

Are you coming to EASD Berlin and do you consider yourself an active part of the Diabetes Online Community – or want to become one?

Then join us for #docnight°!

Since 2015, our EASD #docday° has provided an open space for members of the #DOC to meet in a casual setting, present, brainstorm, pitch and talk about ideas, projects, dreams and plans and get valuable feedback and support. This year, as EASD is coming to Berlin, we are taking it one step further: #dedoc° invites you to dance the night away with fellow diabetes bloggers, patient advocates, diapreneurs and Berlin’s larger diabetes community!

#docnight° will feature free (and sugar-free!) drinks (including beer, wine and a selection of longdrinks). Tickets are “pay what you want” – please make sure we won’t regret this 😉 !!!

ATTENTION: #docnight° follows an open door policy and welcomes everyone who considers himself part of the #DOC. Industry employees are welcome to attend, listen in, connect and support (and have fun, party, drink and dance with us!) as long as they make their affiliation visible and refrain from marketing talk. Companies wishing to support are more than welcome to buy tickets and “pay more than usual” (contact us if you need an invoice). 

Get your ticket here No access without ticket Places are limited

If you have EASD accreditation, don’t forget to also join us for #docday° on Tuesday!

#dedoc° is looking forward to welcoming you to Berlin!

Bastian Founder  |  T1D mail@dedoc.de


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